100% Cotton Kitchen Napkins

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Color Dark Grey
Size 18x18
Pack Of 1

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Nature Is Gift’s tightly woven premium quality napkins sound delightful.

Ideal For: Dinner Napkins Soft and Comfortable Reusable Towels Bar, Party Napkins, Small Napkins, Tapas, Napkins for Events, Holidays, Weddings, Parties

Here are some key points about the product.

Material and Quality: These napkins are made from 100% cotton with a tight weave, ensuring they are both soft and durable. The tightly woven cotton gives them a refined and elegant appearance, perfect for special occasions or everyday use.

Design and Versatility: The napkins can be monogrammed or embroidered, adding a personal touch for gifts or events. With 12 napkins in one lot, they are suitable for parties and can be used multiple times. Versatile Use: These napkins are ideal for various settings, including: Hotels, Weddings,Restaurants, Banquets, Cocktail parties, Home dining tables.

Easy Maintenance: These cloth napkins are machine washable and can be laundered multiple times in cold water with light colors. Overall, these napkins combine quality, elegance, and practicality, making them a great addition to any table setting!

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